6 Tips to Brew Coffee Like a Barista

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I love to brew coffee at home. Having a good cup of coffee in the morning is very important for me because it gives me the mood and energy boost I need to enjoy my day. That why I updated my brewing kit over time making my cup of coffee as better as I could. 

In this article, I will tell you what I do to improve the way I brew coffee and how you can do it with no effort.

You have to take care of the following:

  1. Water – One of the most important aspect when you brew coffee.
  2. Fresh Roasted Coffee – Will improve your coffee flavor.
  3. Dose and Ratio – When you brew coffee you need to know how much coffee gets in, and you need to know how much gets out.
  4. Grinding Size – Every brew method have a specific coffee grinding size
  5. Temperature – This parameter will influence your sour or bitter taste of coffee.
  6. Time – short time will make your coffee watery without a strong flavor and a too long time will give your coffee a bitter taste.

Let me give you more details about all of that.

1. Why Water Is Important When You Brew Coffee?

Filter Water for coffee

I will say this every time when I talk about coffee. Making coffee home can be challenging due to the water you use. Your cup of coffee is 98% water, so you need to take care of this aspect.

We don’t want in our water any odor, chloride, or any other substances that will affect the taste of our coffee. The principle of brewing coffee is simple. The water is a high solvent, and while passing through the coffee grounds is extracting the oils and the flavors giving you an excellent taste in your cup.

I highly recommend a water filter for your tap water. I have this BTW magnesium water filter, and I am pleased about.

Do not use distilled water! Your water needs to contain some minerals so the extraction can be possible. Otherwise, no flavor and oils will extract properly, resulting in an unpleasant coffee taste.

2. Use Fresh Roasted Beans When You Brew Coffee

I am pretty sure that you will enjoy more a freshly baked piece of pie instead of 2-3 days one. Is the same with coffee. To enjoy all the flavors and aroma from your brewed coffee then, you need to use freshly roasted coffee beans.

Fresh Roasted Specialty coffee

What means fresh roasted? Basically, is a coffee that was roasted up to one month ago. I will suggest finding one within 8 to 10 days since roasting to enjoy all the properties of your coffee.

Find a coffee roaster near you and start to test his coffee. Most of the time they have 3-4 days roasted coffee due to high selling volumes. You can check on the label the date when your coffee beans are roasted. All the specialty coffee roasters will have the date on every coffee pack they sell.

3. What Dose And Ratio You Should Use?

Depending on the brewing methods you want to use, there are different coffee recipes. I use the following ratios when I brew coffee.

  • Ibrik – 1:10 Ratio – 15g coffee in – 150ml out
  • Espresso – 1:2 Ratio – 18g coffee in – 36ml coffee out
  • V60 – 1:15 – 16.6g coffee in – 250ml coffee out
  • Aeropress – 1:13 Ratio – 15.4g coffee in – 200ml coffee out
  • Chemex – 1:17 Ratio – 30g coffee in – 510ml coffee out
  • French Press – 1:15 – 13.3g coffee in – 200ml coffee out
Kalita drip brew coffee

I found these brewing ratios to suit very well for me, but I will recommend you to play around this numbers and see which recipe is better for you and your brewing methods.

4. Coffee Grinding Size

When you brew coffee is vital to choose the best grinding size for your brewing method.

Before I go dipper in this subject, I want to tell you one more thing about grinding coffee. You should always grind your coffee as close as possible to the moment when you start the brewing process. This way you won’t lose any flavors. You should use at least a manual grinder if you don’t have any other grinder and grind just the amount of beans you will need for your next cup of coffee.

Check out my review for Hario Skerton Coffee Grinder and see if it is suitable for you.

Ok, so every brewing methods have different coffee grinding size. For example, if you make ibrik coffee, you need to grind the coffee beans as fine as possible, like a powder. For the Franch Press brewing method, you need a coarser grinding size.

Here is the order of brewing methods sorted from fine to coarse grinding settings: Ibrik, Espresso, Paper filter (V60, Aeropress, Syphon and Chemex – this order), Metal Filter and French Press.

You can not find the best grinding size according to your brewing method without knowing the extraction time.

5. How Long You Should Brew Coffee For?

Timing is critical here. If the time is not good, then you didn’t set the grinding size correctly. The extraction time is an essential indicator if the grinding size is well set up.

You can’t use for all the brewing methods. For example, you guide yourself by extraction time when you brew coffee at V60, Chemex or any pour over brew method and when you make espresso. For Ibrik coffee, syphon, and french press, the taste of coffee will indicate if you had the right grinding settings.

Let’s see how long you should brew coffee for a good flavor.

  • Ibrik – Total brewing time should be around 2-2½ min. Watch carefully and take the ibrik from the heating source when the foam begins to rise towards the rim, and before the coffee boils.
  • Espresso – The extraction should be between 25-30 seconds. Learn more about espresso making in this article: How to Make The Perfect Espresso
  • V60 – The brew time is around 2½ minutes.
  • Aeropress – Here you should aim for 2½ – 3 min including booming and pulling out the coffee
  • Chemex – The brewing time should be between 3½-4 min.
  • French Press – The longest brewing time. You should brew coffee for about 4 minutes.

In case your brewing time is longer you need to try a coarser grinding size. If the brewing time is shorter than you have to try a finer grinding size.

V60 coffee grinding size

But, don’t forget one aspect. All of this times and doses are for your guidance. Taste every coffee you make and adjust according to your preferences.

6. What Is The Right Temperature?

The water temperature is also an essential factor to obtain a delicious cup of coffee. If it is too hot, you will have a bitter, burnt taste coffee. If it is too cold, I won’t extract the coffee properly, and you will have a sour, low body coffee.

The temperature you will see most often is 92 degrees Celsius or 198 degrees Fahrenheit. You just need a thermometer to check your water temperature and keep it in 91-93 degrees Celsius or 196-200 degrees Fahrenheit. You also can buy a kettle with electronic temperature control, for example, Bonavita Kettle.

If you follow all these guidelines, you will make a fantastic cup of brewed coffee at home every single day. After you master your grinding settings and dosing, everything will be just fun. You have to play around with all these recipes and try to find the one is suiting you the most.

To Brew coffee is an art, and you are the artist. Give your coffee the taste you want and don’t forget to share with others your beautiful artwork.

Thank you for reading my posts, and I hope are useful for you. If you have any specific questions, please leave a comment, and I will try to give you the best answer I can.

If you like this post, PLEASE share with your friends. It will help me very much.

Enjoy brewing!


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