Single Origin Coffee Will Change Your View About Coffee

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You might have been wondering what single origin coffee actually is. After all, the phrase is all the rage among baristas and coffee fans these days.

Well, the term “single origin” means that the coffee is from the same producer, farm, region or crop in a country. Every bean in the coffee is from one place that’s why it has a distinct flavor. The term is occasionally used to evoke a sense of place.

We all have our first love in the form of coffee. But once you have a brew single origin coffee, you might just be hooked forever.

Sourcing of Single Origin Coffee

When we talk about the sourcing of single origin coffee, one name that pops out is “Blue Bottle Coffee.”  They have a specific terminology for brewed or Single Origin coffee. Single source can mean:

  • A specific farm, region, and county.
  • A single season like recently released Honduras Cristobal Fernandez Last Pick (their new flavor).
  • A single cultivar, processing or mutation method.
Harvested coffee cherries from a farm in Panama
Photo by Livier Garcia from Pexels

The Taste of Single Origin Coffee

The tastes of these coffees differ from each other because of the different conditions of cultivation found at each origin point. The countries like Ethiopia and Kenya have a different taste because of soil, weather, and seed families. All these things together give the coffee a unique flavor. A coffee cherry from one side of the mountain may be totally different from the other in terms of maturation and sugar concentration.

Is the Taste of Brewed Coffee Different From Other Coffees?

Yeah, it’s completely different from other coffee blends. For a multidimensional consistent coffee experience, people tend for the blend type. But in single origin coffee, people emphasized the specific characteristics offered by the process of cultivation unique to that particular area or place.

Is Single Origin Coffee Better?

Each coffee has a different taste and cultivation process. So it depends on the taster’s preferences. Single origin brewed coffee is trending these days for sure. People have developed a taste for it due to the quality. Although a blended coffee may equally be better if quality ingredients are used.

Which Coffee Is Better For You?

Supermarkets and other food stores usually stock both single origin and blended coffee. Which one you choose to buy is totally dependent upon your personal coffee preferences.

  • If you are interested in the different tastes of coffee from all around the world, then single-origin coffee is for you.
  • In case you do not like encountering surprising tastes in your coffee, then you should probably stick with the blended variety.
  • If you like the thought of a hot drink flavored with things like strawberry, jasmine, or cane sugar then go for the single origin coffee option.
  • Single origin tends to command higher prices than basic coffee – another consideration if you are a budget buyer.

What are the quality measurements of single origin coffee?

The coffee industry evaluates product standards via a measurement system for the quality of brewed coffee. The system includes Cup of Excellence, Coffee Quality Institute Q, and Coffee Review. In the Cup of Excellence they check the quality of coffees and care in the production process. The Coffee Quality Institute Q determines the producer and farm level categories of fine Arabica, fine Robusta, and blends. The Coffee Review, as the name works to review the different coffees’ profiles.

Coffee Roaster at the point when coffee is taken out

Some Famous Single Origin Coffees

Have you ever wondered which are the tastes that coffee connoisseurs like best? Would you like to try them for yourself? Here are some of the most popular single origin coffees that you might want to stock up on:

1. Coffee Bean Shop Monsoon Malabar

This Indian origin medium to strong coffee is a bestseller brand. You should give it a try to relish the luxurious and gratifying taste of it – the other advantage is that it isn’t too much of a drain on your wallet.

2. Sea Island Clifton Mount Estate

With a hint of acidity but a wonderful creamy aftertaste, this particular single origin coffee can be found in the farms of the Jamaican Blue Mountains.

3. Roast & Post Celebs Kalossi Toraja

With a hint of tropical flavor, this coffee has one of the most complex and sumptuous taste profiles of any. The Indonesian plantation where it is grown was originally established 100 years ago but was lost until its rediscovery in 1986.

4. Taylors of Harrogate Colombia

This one is a South American-Yorkshire company – an unusual but successful international partnership that have been roasting coffee beans since 1886. The brewed flavors are rich and chocolatey with some fruity tastes mixed in.

5. Coffee Bean Shop Copy Luwak

Another Indonesian specialty. Luwak coffee delivers a powerful and energizing kick to the taste buds. There is a special production process though. The coffee beans are extracted from the droppings of the Asian Palm civet after the animal has munched on the harvested produce.

6. Raw Bean Mexican Terruno Nayarita Reserva

It is a special single origin coffee strain, obtained from a small island close to the 9,000-ft high volcano of Cerro San Juan. The flavor is deeply satisfying with a rich and velvety touch. It also gives off a delightful citrus aroma.

7. Union Emporium Caturra Microlot

The flavor of buttery coffee with a blackcurrant and vanilla mix is made in the volcanic land of Panama. The coffee cherries are sun-dried and then prepared for the process of roasting.

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