Marian Molocea barista

Let me tell you some words about myself and my story. I am a coffee person for as long I can remember, but it was a point when I become truly passionate about coffee.

That moment was two years ago, in 2016, when I discovered the specialty coffee. All began with the first barista training I followed to initiate myself in this beautiful world of coffee, and after that, I can begin my journey as a coffee shop owner.

After this two days training where I scratched the surface of the specialty coffee (a subject about I knew nothing), I had a boost of enthusiasm that made me willing to learn more and more about this kind of coffee.

After I opened my coffee shop doors, I continued to be extremely enthusiastic and willing to share with every customer a piece of my knowledge about this amazing coffee I served for them.

I never stop learning new things about the specialty coffee even after I had my first exit in business at the age of 25 years. After one and a half years I sold my coffee shop because I decided to move away from my country.

Now, I am in London (UK) where I have the chance to learn even more about specialty coffee. Because I don’t want to keep all the information I have about specialty coffee, I decided to start this blog where I will give you tips and tricks about how to make the best coffee you can. I will also do reviews about coffee grinders, espresso machines and all the equipment you will need on your journey in this beautiful world of coffee.

If you want to know more about something that is not on the blog, please contact me, and I will try my best to answer your questions.